A lively and evocative country treatment of the "animal husband" motif. Closely related to the classic Greek myth of Eros and Psyche, this traditional wonder tale draws from traditions of Norway, Scotland, Italy, and southern Appalachia. By turns funny, hypnotic, heart-stirring, and very exciting, it features a gallery of outlandish characters, magic events, and dream-like adventure.

This story can be heard on Tim and Leanne's award-winning live-performance CD

World Tales Live at Bennington College.

Mixed with some shorter tales, Celtic music on the harp and concertina, an old ballad or two, and a bit of magic, it is an enchanting entertainment for older children and adults.

"Thank you for your wonderful performance at the Flynn Theater, you were one of the highlights of our Storytelling Festival.

"We are grateful for the charming, witty, and beguiling tale you wove on the Flynn stage, which captivated the imaginations of everyone present. You effectively combined the best parts of various motifs to create your version of the folktale "The White Bear." Your tasteful and evocative incorporation of harp and concertina music lent the peformance added fullness. Your duel telling approach was wonderfully handled, enhanced by impeccable timing and strongly drawn characters.

"Thank you again for your commitment and artistry. Please don't hesitate in the future to refer other festivals and arts presenting series to me."

Philip Bither, Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT



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